Simple and lightweight snapshot store that works together with prooph/event-sourcing to speed up loading of aggregates.


composer require prooph/snapshot-store

Creating snapshots from event streams

This feature is provided by the prooph/snapshotter package. Please refer to the docs of the package to learn more about it.

Also choose one of the Prooph\*SnapshotStore to take snapshots. Inject the snapshot store into an aggregate repository and the repository will use the snapshot store to speed up aggregate loading.

Our example application proophessor-do contains a snapshotting tutorial.

Using a different Serializer.

By default prooph uses PHP's own serialise and unserialize methods. These may not suite your needs so as of v1.1 of the snapshot store you can use a custom serialiser.

You can use the provided CallbackSerializer to do this.


new PdoSnapshotStore(
   new CallbackSerializer('igbinary_serialize', 'igbinary_unserialize')

If you are using the interop factories all you have to do is create a Factory for Prooph\SnapshotStore\Serializer and add that as dependency;


return [
	'dependencies' => [
		'factories' => [
		    \Prooph\SnapshotStore\Serializer::class => My\CallbackSerializerFactory::class,

Note: All SnapshotStores ship with interop factories to ease set up.

Composite Snapshot Store

This component ships with a composite snapshot store, that aggregates multiple snapshot stores. When asked to save a snapshot or removeAll, it will call the method in all aggregated snapshot stores. If you try to get a snapshot from the composite, it will ask each snapshot store for the snapshot and returns the first snapshot found or null.

This is especially useful to combine a memcached snapshot store for high speed with a fallback like pdo or mongodb.



$snapshotStore1 = new MemcachedSnapshotStore();
$snapshotStore2 = new MongoDbSnapshotStore();

$snapshotStore = new CompositeSnapshotStore($snapshotStore1, $snapshotStore2);


Using Prooph Event-Sourcing you need to install Prooph Snapshotter. Check the documentation there on how to use it.

Using Prooph Micro the usage is a simple php function.

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