Migration from v4 to v5

Aggregate Repository

The aggregate repository has a new method saveAggregateRoot($aggregateRoot) which replaces the addAggregateRoot($aggregateRoot) method. Additionally this method has to be called everytime you change an aggregate root, so if you're working with the command bus, you have to update all your handlers and call saveAggregateRoot everywhere.

Reason: In the past the aggregate root was automatically updated with the aggregate repository due to the EventStore::commit event hook. The event store does not implement the commit method in all cases now, only the ones implementing the Prooph\EventStore\TransactionalEventStore interface. Also not all event stores are needed to trigger action events. Only the ones that are wrapped by Prooph\EventStore\ActionEventEmitterEventStore or Prooph\EventStore\TransactionalActionEventEmitterEventStore. In order for the repositories to work in all scenarios (where you can also change the used event store implementation in your app) this behaviour has been removed and you always have to call saveAggregateRoot($aggregateRoot) on the aggregate repository yourself.

Moved classes

The classes Prooph\EventStore\Aggregate\* are moved from the event-store repository to the event-sourcing repository. Hence the new class name Prooph\EventSourcing\Aggregate\*. This includes the AggregateRepository, AggregateTranslator, AggregateType and AggregateTypeProvider as well as some exception classes.

Same goes for Prooph\EventStore\Snapshot\* classes.


The event-store should not know anything about event sourcing at all, it's only a mechanism to store a stream of events. Therefore all those classes are moved.


The ConfigurableAggregateTranslator was part of Prooph\EventStore v6 and has been completely removed. If you want to use something similar (especially when you don't want to extend from Prooph\EventSourcing\AggregateRoot) then you can implement the Prooph\EventSourcing\Aggregate\AggregateTranslator interface yourself.

Snapshot Store

The snapshot store is now a simple interface, see Prooph\SnapshotStore\SnapshotStore. The adapters have all been removed and replaced with different snapshot store implementation, f.e. Prooph\SnapshotStore\InMemorySnapshotStore.

Aggregate Root

The method apply is now an abstract protected method. The old implementation was:

protected function apply(AggregateChanged $e)
    $handler = $this->determineEventHandlerMethodFor($e);
    if (! method_exists($this, $handler)) {
        throw new \RuntimeException(sprintf(
            'Missing event handler method %s for aggregate root %s',

protected function determineEventHandlerMethodFor(AggregateChanged $e)
    return 'when' . implode(array_slice(explode('\\', get_class($e)), -1));

and is now replaced by simply:

abstract protected function apply(AggregateChanged $e): void;

If you want to old behaviour back, you have to implement this yourself.

Reason: It's much more performant to have the apply method implemented like:

protected function apply(AggregateChanged $e): void
    if ($e instanceof Foo) {
        // do something
    } elseif ($e instance of Bar) {
        // do something else
    } else {
        throw new \DomainException('Unknown event applied');

It's up to you which you prefer and hence there is no default implementation given anymore.

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