Interop Factories

Instead of providing a module, a bundle, a bridge or similar framework integration prooph/event-store ships with interop factories.

Factory-Driven Creation

The concept behind these factories (see src/Container folder) is simple but powerful. It allows us to provide you with bootstrapping logic for the event store and related components without the need to rely on a specific framework. However, the factories have three requirements.


  1. Your Inversion of Control container must implement the PSR Container interface.
  2. interop-config must be installed
  3. The application configuration should be registered with the service id config in the container.

Note: Don't worry, if your environment doesn't provide these requirements, you can always bootstrap the components by hand. Just look at the factories for inspiration in this case.


See Prooph\SnapshotStore\ArangoDb\Container\ArangoDBSnapshotStoreFactory for config options.

Sample configuration:

    'prooph' => [
        'arangodb_snapshot_store' => [
            'default' => [
                'arangodb_client_service' => 'my_arangodb_client_connection', //<-- service name of your ArangoDB connection
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