The PDO Event Store is an implementation of prooph/event-store that supports MySQL and MariaDB as well as PostgreSQL.

Video Introduction

Prooph Event Store v7


composer require prooph/pdo-event-store


  • PHP >= 7.1
  • PDO_MySQL Extension or PDO_PGSQL Extension

For MariaDB you need server version >= 10.2.11.

For MySQL you need server version >= 5.7.9.

For Postgres you need server version >= 9.4.

Attention: Since v1.6.0 MariaDB Server has to be at least 10.2.11 due to a bugfix in MariaDB, see


For MariaDB run the script in scripts/mariadb/01_event_streams_table.sql on your server.

For MySQL run the script in scripts/mysql/01_event_streams_table.sql on your server.

For Postgres run the script in scripts/postgres/01_event_streams_table.sql on your server.

This will setup the required event streams table.

If you want to use the projections, run additionally the scripts scripts/mariadb/02_projections_table.sql (for MariaDB), scripts/mysql/02_projections_table.sql (for MySQL) or scripts/postgres/02_projections_table.sql (for Postgres) on your server.

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